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September 29, 2023

A suit for the office was usually built more for comfort and mostly only allowed to be in a dark blue or charcoal color.  These suits were worn to follow the rules.  But who likes doing that?


Custom suits changed careers. Custom suits changed in color, feel and use. They came in brighter colors and better fabrics such as wools, linens and cottons.  Unique and custom made, you could now add fresh colorful linings and interesting horn buttons to your custom suit.  Fresh and fitted you can go to the office with confidence and self expression.  We like to call it Rebel Style.


Custom suits are also very versatile.  Your custom suit can take you from the office to a wedding. You can dress it up or down and wear your custom suit as separates to pair with other pieces in your closet. 


The custom suit is back in Fashion. Reinvented. Rebel Style. Click here to book your custom suit appointment with us.